Terms and conditions:

  1. Membership is non-transferable.

  2. Membership is for a month only.

  3. Membership for one month has a minimum of 4 online classes (extra sessions only if required)

  4. There shall be no charges for any extra session

  5. The class schedule is flexible

  6. In case of missed events (sessions), the session shall be carried forward to next available slot

  7. No project is sponsored

  8. All kits shall be charged extra

  9. In event of component failure, there shall be no free replacement

  10. Delivery is free within limited range of kilometers

  11. Club is not liable for any loss or damage to property or person in any way and in any form

  12. Offline visits to the lab are available upon prior appointment

  13. Membership amount is nonrefundable

  14. Membership amount if flexible

  15. We have no branches

  16. Further terms and conditions apply, please contact us over the phone to know more

  17. Amount paid for membership/kits/projects/any other form is non-refundable

  18. There is no cancellation of membership prior one-month advance notice

  19. There shall be no refund upon cancellation 

  20. There shall be no return of any kit, components, products once sold

  21. Shipping is free for all items above 100 INR

  22. Shipping is free only within a limited kilometre range of 25 kilometers from Roboz Tech Lab (Lucknow)