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Roboz Dotin Tech is an innovative company that creates state-of-art robotic solutions in multi-dimensions. We are one of the finest technology companies to start with drones and UAVs in a decade. Our first army drone research was established in the year 2014 which was inaugurated by the 14th President of India His Excellency Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. We are constantly developing new ideas for drones, agriculture robots, consumer products and defence. has brought a revolution in ed-tech. With a world-class robotics lab in Lucknow, offers one of the best science and technology literacy to children and adults. Our head office is located in Lucknow (U.P.). The world is exciting.

Robots in every sense of your business

Robotics technology influences every part of our lives and our custom robotic solutions bring you an ocean of opportunities to implement world-class robots for your business. Increase your business USP with our exclusive state of art custom robotic solutions. Our robotics has the potential to positively transform lives and work practices to a better form. Roboz commits to raising the efficiency and safety levels of your business.


Our exclusive A.I. custom robotic solutions are crafted to suit exactly in accordance with your business. All our range of custom robotic solutions is extremely reliable and aesthetic. Our custom robotic solutions are been widely used as smart serving robots, aesthetic robots for hotels, café food robots and other business sectors.


Your business will gain much higher USP and customer attraction with Roboz technology implementation. We guarantee complete satisfaction with all of our custom robotic solutions.

Who says robots are supposed to be all work and no play? We can make your work lesser, make you play and learn as well with our custom robotic solutions. With our robots, we at are specialised in custom robotic solutions for your home or your business needs. can help you automate your business operations with reliable robotic automation. Each robot is meticulously designed after a fine examination of 8 stage survey of your business requirements. Our team of experts performs a dedicated study of your business and creates a layout of all exciting range of custom robotics solutions to match your business without any comprise. The promising technology from is itself a brand of trust and reliability. We don’t offer just robots; they are your helping hands to raise your business. You can simply improve your business productivity and decrease liability with our custom robotics solutions. A robot can be designed by anyone. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But it's our philosophy for us at Since we think we can accomplish them easily with the right guidance and exposure to real-world robotics. is a team of developers specialising in the creation of custom robotic solutions and enterprise software solutions. We collaborate with our customers to build a robotic solution that is special and scalable to meet a variety of needs and budgets. In order to provide a complete solution, we also build customised software applications as necessary, our modern data factory is a one of the advanced data centres in the world where all robotics’ coding in India is supplied across the world.


The world post-2019 is an era of technology. Humans are relying more on robots for daily living and reduce physical contact. Our custom robotics solutions offer robots for hospitals, robots for hotels, exclusive café food robots, automation solutions for kitchens and other special custom robotics solutions for your any business needs. Send us a mail to get your world class robots for your businesses and free consultation for best custom robotics solutions for your business. promotes custom robotics solutions, strategic collaborations and a world-class customer experience, as an engaging pioneer in the world of machines and robots. The range of emerging technologies that are bound to influence the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution), including Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Internet of Things (I.o.T.), Blockchain and Application Growth, are all at the heart of our company and we push them passionately.

Our custom robotic solutions help improve the consistency of production and process reliability, which helps our customers to be more aggressive in preparing their production schedules. Our highly experienced, dedicated robotic automation engineers design, manufacture and programme turnkey robotic automation systems for a variety of manufacturing applications, including loading/unloading machines, assembly and inspection part picking, material handling, palletizing, gaging, part positioning, and multi-machine changes.

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