Introducing DroneXpress

Experience the industry-grade B.L.o.S. drone delivery and crisis management system

The inventions taking off from Roboz Dotin are set to amaze you. Our SMART and innovative drones can fly over congested streets, roads and take the fastest routes over buildings, poles, and other obstacles with absolute reliability and assurance. Roboz Dotin is now delivering medicine and health aid to remote areas where cars and ambulances can't reach efficiently and on time. This is a future coming into reality. Drone delivery solutions from Roboz Dotin Technolgies is reaching the last mile where birds can't reach. Our head office for Drone delivery in Lucknow has a networking control system to monitor each sky route. Roboz Dotin is actively participating to develop reliable and affordable drone delivery Beyond Line of Sigh i.e. BLoS. Get in touch with us to a world of real science and technology.

We bring robots in your life

Roboz Dotin Tech is an A.I. and Smart robotics company dedicated to creating socially intelligent machines that enrich the quality of our lives. Robots will soon be everywhere. How can we nurture them to be our friends and useful collaborators? Robots with good aesthetic design, rich personalities, and social-cognitive intelligence can potentially connect deeply and meaningfully with humans. With our state of art research centres in India, we are thriving to achieve a milestone in making drones in India. manufactures world-class custom robotic solutions for your business. Be it any discipline of work, from robots for hotels, or smart serving robots, or be it café food robots, we tailor the finest custom robotic solutions. has set up an exclusive state of art lab for robotics workshops, and for children to come and learn to make robots. The robotics classes in Lucknow are absolutely a game-changer in education.

Medical robots

Robotic Solutions


Electric Mobility

Business robots in hospitality industry

The pandemic took over the world like a storm in 2019. In the year 2020, Roboz Dotin innovations came up with extremely effective robots for hotels and robots for cafes. These innovative robots from gave a new outlook to mankind amid pandemic. Smart robots for business is the future taking shape of reality. Welcome the robot for hotels in Lucknow and overseas.


The use of robots can lead to improvements in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness and even accuracy.

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